14 D.C. Area Runners You Should Follow on Social Media

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Here are 14 of the most social movers and shakers on the D.C. area running scene!  Each bio was submitted by the individual so all formated a bit differently (makes it more fun!).   Follow these folks to be in the know and to get your daily wisdom, motivation, inspiration, and humor!

1. Michael Wardian

Tarawera 100 Fun Run & Te Puia

Ultra inspiring, ultra down to earth

Mike is among the winning most American marathoners and ultra-marathoners.   This Dad of 2 has won over 30 marathons.  Mike has also set several Guinness World Records including the record for fastest marathon while pushing a jogging stroller, fastest marathon on an indoor track, fastest marathon on a treadmill, AND fastest marathon dressed as a superhero!

Mike has been a strong competitor in some of the toughest races on earth, including the Marathon Des Sables, finishing third overall in 2010, and the Badwater Ultra Marathon in Death Valley, also capturing a third place…

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