14 D.C. Area Runners You Should Follow on Social Media

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Here are 14 of the most social movers and shakers on the D.C. area running scene!  Each bio was submitted by the individual so all formated a bit differently (makes it more fun!).   Follow these folks to be in the know and to get your daily wisdom, motivation, inspiration, and humor!

1. Michael Wardian

Tarawera 100 Fun Run & Te Puia

Ultra inspiring, ultra down to earth

Mike is among the winning most American marathoners and ultra-marathoners.   This Dad of 2 has won over 30 marathons.  Mike has also set several Guinness World Records including the record for fastest marathon while pushing a jogging stroller, fastest marathon on an indoor track, fastest marathon on a treadmill, AND fastest marathon dressed as a superhero!

Mike has been a strong competitor in some of the toughest races on earth, including the Marathon Des Sables, finishing third overall in 2010, and the Badwater Ultra Marathon in Death Valley, also capturing a third place…

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It’s the little things (Rediscovering my passion)

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You’re reached in point in your life when you realize that is the little things that matter.  What you do every day, your routine is what really comprises your life. Whether you believe your life is fabulous or like one of my friends at work use to say: “life sucks and then you die”.  Then there are certain moments of said life that are indeed fabulous and that will be with you forever. Those moments make life worth living.  

I was reminded of that on my run on Tuesday.  It is taper week before marathon # 5 (where did the time go?), and my plan called for an easy 30-40 minute run.  I usually am an early morning runner, but I did not run in the am in favor or sleeping in as I had a running event the night before and had a late bedtime.

While I was still at work on Tuesday, I sent a text to my hubby for us to run together after work near our home.  My shortest run during training is more than 30-40 minutes, so I had a brilliant idea to run my old running route, I call it “To the river and back“.  It goes from our neighborhood street to a paved narrow trail on Algonkian Pkwy for a mile and change,  then you make a right into the Potomac Heritage Trail until you reach the Potomac River”.  It’s a beautiful route, one that is so close to my heart.  This was my almost daily run when I first started running and was training for my first marathon (MCM 2010) 

I was so new to the sport that at that point, I didn’t even know that there was a different name (trail running) if you were running on different surfaces. For me, it was just running and it was fun.  I loved this route, I was happy running through the woods there every other day.  Running there on Tuesday made me realized that I fell in love with trail running from the very beginning.  It was almost magical to run there again now.   It made me feel like that newbie runner that was running because she loved how she felt; because running was her happy place.  There was no hope for PRs and definitely not worries about how fast or how far!   

Again, what you do every day, not matter how little it may be, it’s what really matters.

The little hut before you reach the river
Small hills to keep it interesting
Amazing Sunset over the Potomac River





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After I started the blog, I did not write for nearly two weeks. I started very enthusiastic and then I just drop the ball. Reading The Washington Post on a rather lazy Sunday morning (April 9, 2006) I found an article discussing the usage of blog sites to increase productivity. I visited some of the blogs (very good for procrastinators like myself). The Washington Post was refering to blogs that are focused on getting organized, below is the link to the article that includes a small list of sites:


I think this would be useful information to exchange with my fellow classmates. Ciao!

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This picture was the last picture taken before I cutted my hair. Spring came and with it the idea of cutting my hair, go for a more natural look. I did cut my hair but I haven’t had my picture taken since. So a new picture will be posted soon……

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Sunday, April 9, 2006 10:40 am.

Hey Friends,
The first post in my blog, it feels like a newborn baby. My mind is wandering around with so many thoughs I want to write. It’s an unventful Sunday morning, doing the usual. Of course, first thing is to do my Starbucks run, and grab the Sunday Times & Washington Post. I came back home, hands full, and put on the Sunday show on channel 9, a sort of 60 minutes, but with less heavy content. After my Sunday morning ritual, I ended up reviewing my assignments for the week, and creating the blog came out it.