Chicago Marathon

What’s the story morning glory? Catching up

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I am making an attempt at consistency here.  It is always hard for me to find the time to write on the blog.  You see it is so easy for me to post in other mediums, in fact, I am an Instagram junkie!  I do a daily post  (sometimes twice a day) right after my workouts.  My usual is a collage of photos with an inspirational quote.  Ok, enough with justifying why I haven’t written here in more than 6 months.

After my unfortunate fall and subsequent injury,  I could not run for several months.  It was hard at first.  Injury is a lonely place.  You feel disconnected from a big part of your world.  Your closest friends of course remain in contact with you.  They send you well wishes and words of encouragement, but trust me, sometimes there are not words kind enough to get you out of that funk.

I wallowed for a bit, and then took the decision of looking forward and not living in the past. It was not like all that grieve was going to help me return to running any faster. DUH!

I started walking at the run clubs (yes, I still went to all my run clubs every week)! To be a leader, and a good one, you must lead by example; so so I did.  I showed up every week with my bandaged ankle and started the runs. Sometimes, I will walk behind the group or just wait for the group to return and have our usual social post run gathering.  I also started doing P90X at home to strengthen my muscles and keep my fitness.  Before I knew it I was jogging slowly again!  (huge smirk here) So I have been running since the last week of August 2013!  YAY!!!

It hasn’t been all roses!  with some running between August and September, I had the delusional idea that I should go and run at the Chicago Marathon (It was my goal race for the fall of 2013 before I got injured).  I started by saying, oh I am going to be there anyways (my husband was running too), hotel and flights are paid for. It will be a waste of a good race.  what about if I have a breakthrough?   Big mistake!  I toed the line of the 2013 Chicago Marathon, marathon # 4, and I knew from the very beginning that something was off.  (oh yeah, having not enough training, and still recovering from injury # 2 on the same year.  That must be it)

Michiel and I at the start

It was a nice morning! Heck, Chicago was an amazing city and the organization of this race was superb.  Best I have seen so far!  But that is not the point.  I shouldn’t have toed the line period. To keep this part of my story short, I got my first DNF.  (nooooooo)

The funny part is that I was not bitter, and I was not sad!  Believe it or not, I was happy that I had the courage to DNF and not be too stupid to continue and risk being injured.  So that’s the story!

Awesome friends cheering for us!!!

Much more has happened since, but Rome was not built in a day! So…to be continued!!