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Rosaryville 25K Trail Race Recap

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Rosaryville Trail Run in the summer will always be one of my favorite races.  First, I have an emotional attachment to this race because it was the first trail race I ever did.  I do not remember at this time, but I do believe it was also the first time I ran trail.  I have run this race 3 times, the first time, I signed up for the 10 miler, and ended up getting lost and running the 10K, the second time I ran the 25k and had a strong performance coming second in my age group and setting what is still today my 25K trail PR of 2:50 (sweet).

Last Sunday, I laced up my shoes for a third time. Yet again, I did the 25K.  This time it was different; coming off from injury, and fully knowing that I was running without any hopes of a fast time for me.  I was just happy to be there and able to run. 


M & I needed to pick up K on our way to the race, we were running a bit late due to my miscalculation of time (hey, I never said I was good at math). Luckily, I had many friends running as well, so I called one of them to get our BIBs.  We got there with not a lot of time to spare before the race start. 

So cool to have so many of my friends running as well, at the same time, so much pressure to perform.  You see, this is one of the downsides of coming back from Injury.  You are always thinking that people are judging your performance.  Any comment can send me on a tail spin in my own head of other people’s expectation of my performance. 

The race starts on a beautiful grassy field, that quickly turns into a road where you have to covered around .25 of a mile before you reach the trail head.  It was hot and humid, but yet a beautiful day to be out there.  The race course is very shady which is saving grace in a day like Sunday.  Gentle rolling hills will greet you rather quickly.  I was talking with a friend for the first 3 miles, and the time was passing quickly.  I was feeling really thirsty, and I was drinking a lot which resulted in a too early pit stop.  I lost my friend and continue to run.  I was feeling decent, but the humidity and now running along was making me feel no so jolly.

I saw Eric at the first aid station.  He was running the 10 miler, and he was already there.  I won’t deny it, seeing him, made me feel good, but also casted a shadow in my mind that maybe I wasn’t doing as good as I thought.  I thought about dropping to the 10 miler, but then something happened.  I looked at my watch and realized that I was almost half way there.  I had to fight with my crazy self, and re-focus on running my own race.

From that point, I just concentrated and found runners to pace with.  I was behind a couple of ladies, and just stayed mentally there.  Focus Dora, Focus!!  One foot in front of the other, just make it to second loop, and it will be 1.5 miles to the finish.  And that I did.  When I made it to that point, I was already feeling proud.  I ran that 1.5 mile feeling rather calm, and steady.  I crossed the finish line in 3:16:30.  I did not break my PR but I  accomplished something bigger than a time on the clock.    Longest distance since injury, and my legs were feeling good, and that is something to be happy about!

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