Not all who wander are lost!

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Limping my way out of the trail–“Pain can change you, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad change. Take that pain and turn it into wisdom.” ~Unknown

Shortly after the Rosaryville 25K post, I had a freak accident.  I fell in the trails and sprained my right ankle.  How is that a freak accident you may ask? Well, even though the picture suggests otherwise, I was not actually running. Ha!  I was having my Lululemon Ambassador photoshoot.  (just my luck!)

I was just recovering from an injury, and there I was again, injured! Back to square 1. It is one of those things where you cannot help but ask yourself “why me?”  It seem like I could not catch a break this year.  I spend several weeks rehabbing my ankle, and debating whether or not, I will quit running forever.

I am not a quitter, so I decided to just do what you supposed to do when you are injured, rest, rehab your injury and start over; and so I did.  There was pool running, light upper body weight training, heck, I even got a brand new road bike.  Then I started to walk slowly, eventually started running.  It took me around one month to be back running without a funky gate.  (if you have ever been injured, you know that as a result of whatever side your injury resides, your gait changes as you start to overcompensate).

My plan early in the year was to rehabilitate my calf, and train for Chicago.  I was able to do that, training was going well, and I was very happy with my decision of purchasing a real training plan tailored for me.  But with all of the incidents of the year, I have had a rough year, my confidence was shattered and even though I am back running, I know that I am not where I used to be.  I also learned to be more patient and forgiving with myself.  I love running.  I do it as a way of life.  It’s part of my life, but it’s not my livelihood.

With that realization, I took the decision to pull the plug on my goal of running Chicago (seeking a BQ).  It was an important decision, and one that I thought about for days.  I will not run a marathon this year.  I will focused on strengthening my body and getting myself back to a place where I feel confident, I can attain my goal.

Like the tittle of my post “Not all who wander are lost”  I am not running a marathon this year, but that doesn’t mean that I am giving up on my goals.